All fees are billed to our clients based upon a written retainer agreement signed by the client and the attorney prior to the start of the case.  The various fee structures and other options are explained in detail to the client at the initial consultation.  The information set forth below reflects the typical payment plans based upon the type of work performed.   

HOURLY RATE  - Litigation, Trust Administrations, and Conservatorships
Attorney Chris P. Kohl has an hourly rate of $350.00.  Trust administrations and litigation cases are typically billed under the hourly rate plan.  Conservatorships are also billed at the hourly rate, however, the fee is subject to the court's approval. 

FLAT FEE - Estate Plans and Other Matters
Certain services, such as estate plans, are charged as a flat fee.  Basic individual estate planning documents can cost as little as $250.00 per document, but a typical "trust package", which includes all the estate planning documents an individual or couple will need, costs approximately $3,000.00.  Under certain circumstances other services can be negotiated as a flat fee, including, but not limited to, trust administrations and litigation cases. 

CONTINGENCY FEE - Litigation Cases
In certain litigation cases the Client can retain Kohl And Associates under a contingency fee arrangement.  Under such plans the Client only pays attorney's fees after receiving a positive result.  Such fees are generally based upon a percentage of what is recovered on behalf of the Client. 

PROBATE FEES - Probate Cases 
Kohl and Associates assists executors and administrators in probate matters in exchange for the "statutory fee", the fee permitted to the attorney under the California Probate Code.  The "statutory fee" is primarily calculated based upon a percentage of the value of the assets within the probate estate.  The executor is also entitled to a fee calculated in the exact same manner.  In rare cases the executor and/or attorney may be awarded "extraordinary fees" by the court, such as if the work required falls outside what is normally required in a probate.  An example of when the attorney might be entitled to "extraordinary fees" would be if the probate involved litigation.  All fees in probate matters are subject to the court's approval.